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Mobilizing, motivating and supporting young people through Culture, Art and entrepreneurial skills development .

Our Motto

Adventurers rafting on the Tenorio River A lone sea turtle stands at the shore's edge Mist surrounds the crater of the Arenal volcano Women dance in traditional Costa Rican costumes A butterfly rests on human hands A couple examines a pineapple at a plantation A perfectly still monkey holds onto a vine in the rainforest
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Educate and sensitize communities about promoting peace, on current issues affecting society such as diseases, unemployment, corruption, politics .

Value of Culture

Investing in Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue, the acknowledgement of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue help to defuse the tensions that can arise in multicultural societies when a majority and minorities confront each other over recognition of their rights. What favors cultural diversity which in no way is opposed to the Universality of Human Rights, is a governance of reconciliation, which is a surest guarantee of peace.

Once we have a center where we can meet with the youth regularly and freely interact, such tensions can be defused. There is also a great need for building the capacity of the citizenry, to make them understand and appreciate cultural diversity by providing them with all the necessary information needed, creating, producing, disseminating, distributing and making them have access to their own cultural expressions, paying attention to the special circumstances and needs of the girl child as well as various social groups including persons belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples, which we intend to do through performing arts.

The Inter-Cultural living provides tools for heart-centered communication, compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership. It is through this sharing that the youths create friendship that broaden their National and international awareness and ignite their innate capacity for compassion. They will be encouraged to put their compassion into action and rise up in service to those who need it most through their different cultures. We intend to make youth Ambassadors of peace through preserving and promoting cultural diversity.

Living in peace should be universal and that every person at each level of society benefits from. We seek to build geo-cultural peace in Uganda and Africa at large through performing arts, by making people appreciate our cultural diversity, peace education, promotion of human rights and youth development.