The “Make Them Smile” Cultural Charity Concert 2017

Event Date: 
Friday, September 1, 2017 - 17:00
Remaining 13 days to event

Every year we organise a fundraising Concert in the month of September, at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel Ndeeba, where we invite all our partners and well-wishers of the organisation to come and support our cause.

The “Make Them Smile” Annual Cultural Charity Concert is an initiative of Rockies Troupe Uganda, intended to provide a platform for the students from its Talent Academy, to showcase their potential and success in developing their talents. It is also the main fundraising event for the organization, as it looks for funds to operate and acquire land where a Talent Academy.
The Academy will be constructed to be an incubator to nurture young talents in the art industry, as well as a cultural heritage center for preservation, promotion and celebration of cultural diversity, an entrepreneurship centre for the youth to develop their ideas and a home base for the Troupe.

It is held in the month of September It promotes cultural tolerance and unity in diversity as a commitment to peaceful coexistence. It is also an eye opener to the youth for the underutilized resources of art and culture, to motivate and develop their entrepreneurship skills to make them self-reliant which will eventually reduce the rampant unemployment rate of the youth, and a forum for other youth to showcase their ideas in solving societal problems.

This year 2017 it will be held on the 1st September 2017, at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel Ndeeba where we shall exhibit all the works we create throughout the year and also give a platform to our students from the Academy, to have an experience of how it feels to perform to such a great audience. This arrangement started in the year 2016 and we hope to do it annually.