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Mobilizing, motivating and supporting young people through Culture, Art and entrepreneurial skills development .

Rockies Troupe | Donation

Adventurers rafting on the Tenorio River A lone sea turtle stands at the shore's edge Mist surrounds the crater of the Arenal volcano Women dance in traditional Costa Rican costumes A butterfly rests on human hands A couple examines a pineapple at a plantation A perfectly still monkey holds onto a vine in the rainforest
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Educate and sensitize communities about promoting peace, on current issues affecting society such as diseases, unemployment, corruption, politics .
Your donations directly fund our charitable work in Uganda. Please make the difference. There is a role for everyone willing, enthusiastic and determined to make a difference - whether it is catching feral cats, recording statistics.


In Uganda, you can make direct bank deposits using the information below:

Rockies Troupe supported forms of Donations
A/C Number/ IBAN 2810400070
A/C Name Rockies Organisation
Bank Name Centenary Bank Uganda



Our suppotrted Direct Mobile Money Deposits

+256701000004 - Ssozi Brian   +256772320892 - Ssozi Brian

REST OF THE WORLD - Bank Wire / Telegraphic Transfers

You can wire / telegraphic transfer money directly to our bank account from any where around the world by using the information below: (Please find details about using this method of payment through your nearest bank). If your sending money to us please tell your banker to pay Centenary Bank Uganda,CERBUGKAXXX

A/C Number / IBAN 2810400070
A/ C Name : Rockies Organisation
Bam Animal Clinics 2810400070
Bank Country: Uganda
Bank Street: Natete
Bank City: Kampla
Bank Zip: 256

REST OF THE WORLD - Western Union

You can send money through Western Union: (Details below)

First Name: Brian
Last Name: Ssozi
Tel: +256- 772 – 112 – 855
Address: P.O. Box 35227 Kampala, Uganda.
City / Country: Kampala / Uganda