About Our Founder

A volunteer from his early school days, Ssozi Brian is the last born in a family of 18 children. His parents stopped paying his school fees in primary four, because of their old age, they had retired and had no investments or retirement benefits to keep the family afloat. His talent in music dance and drama educated him up to the university, as he was given bursaries and in return won titles for the schools. He would also make skits and short plays for his fellow students who would in return pay a little penny for watching, he shared the little payments got with his crew for survival. Ssozi Brian was an orphan at the time he completed his senior four from Masaka Secondary School. 

He forged his way into St Lawrence University in 2009 after working as a casual laborer and a vendor of polythene bags in Kibuye Market for some years to get the admission fees. He immediately started a performing club under Nkobazambogo (a Buganda students club in universities) which emerged best at the cultural festival in the academic year 2009/2010. In his second year, he ran for the University Guild Presidential office and won the race. Later on before expiry of his term in office, he was elected Chairman of the Uganda Guild Presidents Association (GPAU), an association that brings together all university and tertiary Guild leaders in the country. This gave him the opportunity to travel to all regions of the country as he was always invited in different schools, institutions and universities on different occasions.

In his travels Brian saw that very many young people in Uganda have amazing talents, but lack platforms to develop these talents. Many drop out of school at primary level; others get married forcefully at a very tender age due to poverty in many families from remote areas of the country. They die poor and frustrated, yet if meaningful interventions were made, their talents would win them a better living, if only they got chance to develop these talents. Also looking at the ever growing youth unemployment figures in the country that even those who study and acquire degrees end up on streets for years, those who can’t stand the frustration any longer get wasted, others killing themselves reflecting on the sufferings and frustrations he had gone through and how his talent is gone to waste. The only way therefore, as giving back to the community, that had supported him and trained him to appreciate talent and culture, Brian decided to start up an organization that would empower young people develop their talents and provide for themselves.

He started with 100,000 Ugandan Shillings (27 USD) which he used for renting a place to practice at Nakivubo settlement primary school, and transportation of the borrowed drums from his friend, Mr. Mujabi who was the custodian of St Lawrence University by then. He later returned these drums after he had bought his own. They were four boys and three girls, this gave birth to Rockies Troupe and later Rockies Organisation through resilience, persistence and hope.