Organisation Profile

Rockies is a grassroots organisation running a youth empowerment program that targets bright and talented but disadvantaged young people from all over Uganda.

We run Rockies Troupe as a social enterprise and an Education Sponsorship Program. We recruit talented young people in Primary 5-7 to join our Education Sponsorship Program and become part of Rockies Troupe. The troupe involves all of our sponsored students and generates sustainable income to finance their education.

Our model is beautiful in its simplicity of empowering talented young Ugandans to help themselves. We help them to hone and utilize their god-given talents to help pay their own way through their education. Our model was fundamentally inspired by the story of our founder and Team Leader Brian Ssozi who performed to pay his way through his own education and saw the need to help others do the same. By creating Rockies Brian developed a platform that would enable sustainable development and create huge impact on talented individuals who might otherwise fall by the wayside. 


Our Vision

A Generation of Talented and Self-driven Young People Transforming Societies.

Mission Statement

Full Participation of Talented Young People in the Socio-economic Development of their Communities.