Organisation Profile

Who we are: Rockies Organization was started under a membrane of great inspirations, such as being deep rooted in particularly amazing visions of greatness of art and the importance of life and God’s beauty of creation. We are a cultural organization that search, identify, motivate and facilitate the development of talents for young people from diverse backgrounds, advance their entrepreneurship skills, support them in education, health-care and give them the opportunity to appreciate cultural diversity and showcase their talents.

Dances: We perform all cultural dances in Uganda, from the North to the South, and East to West. We have also gone beyond our borders to Rwanda, South Africa and West Africa, picked out the most entertaining dances from those regions, and we perform them as well. We also do Afro-contemporary dances among others

Music: Rockies Troupe plays and sings all cultural music in Uganda from all regions; we also play African music, including East Africa, South and West Africa. We do church music as well and we also have our own composed songs which you can find on our cloud

Instruments: We play all the local instruments in Uganda, do orchestra, and fusions with modern instruments like Jazz and the saxophone. We play special drums with the African energy in different designed patterns, much appreciated during big festivals, and also used to usher in dignitaries on different occasions.

Drama: We do tailored plays and short films for different companies and organizations depending on the Themes of the projects they organize. We also make outreaches to the community through music dance and drama, educating them on different issues affecting that community.  

Trainings: We do carry out classes for learners who would love to learn about different African dances and instruments. You don’t have to be a member of the troupe and you don’t have to be talented, you just have to be interested and the rest will follow. These classes can always be arranged with learners, it can be individuals or a group of people. We also train schools and different clubs, just a call away, you will have the best of the best trainers ever. Our classes go from two weeks to a month, 3 or 6 depending on what you want to learn.

Booking: In case you need to talk to us for any of the above or other inquiries, kindly reach us on the following numbers: +256701000004 / +256772112855 or email us on .