Education Sponsorship

Besides the Talent Academy, Rockies Organisation sponsors naturally gifted but disadvantaged children from primary level to university, for them to have diverse knowledge for competitiveness and better placement in the art industry and the labour market as well. We believe that a community where children are empowered with quality education, enables them to make significant contributions to the development of their society. We realize this through education scholarships to increase their opportunities in life. Currently we are sponsoring forty two (42) students to go to school.

We sponsor these students in the nearby schools within a walkable distance, in primary, secondary, university and vocational schools. They are day scholars and during some evenings, we continue to facilitate the growth of their God given talents in additional to the full program we have during holidays. We found it important for them to have formal education as well, for the increasing dynamics in the art industry.

It is through a lot of hardships and sacrifice that we save the little we have to sponsor these students. We thank the schools which are always patient with us even when we fail to pay at times. We still need a lot of support from whoever can offer any support, be it text books, uniforms for these students, pens, calculators, shoes, school bags, school fees, among others. Your contribution will surely help these increasing young people realise their full potential in life and also give birth to a better society to live in. We value much education of a girl child, 70% of these students are girls, because we believe that once they are educated, we have built a better Nation for our children. We struggle to prepare better children for the world than preparing a better world for the children.