“YOUTHS are the leaders of tomorrow” is a maxim that is popular in the developing world; While it is natural for human beings to grow and attain more responsibility as they advance in age, how are youths prepared to take over the mantle of leadership in order to show that they are indeed the leaders of tomorrow when tomorrow beckons?

How do societies view investments made on initiatives that are aimed at propelling youth development? Are there conscious efforts on the part of today’s leaders to position youths for the leadership challenges of tomorrow? Are the elders of today ready to inculcate the needed leadership qualities in the youths? Are the youths also aware of the burden of leadership? Are there leadership trainings or institutions established for the purpose of rising youths for leadership positions?

The need to prepare young people for leadership roles is heighten by the fact that young people make up approximately 70% of the population in Uganda and this trend expected to continue expanding.

According to a World Bank report conducted in 2008, investments in youths go far beyond the individual and where youths are not active participants in their society, the report found that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of such country declines.

The hope of economic liberation and future lies in the hands of its youthful population unfortunately today, the bulk of our youth are unaware of their potentials, only very few have begun to harness their God’s given ability to becoming a shining light to the generation proceeding them. Uganda’s youth need to understand that an opportunity to make an impact will not be handed to them in a platter of gold; they must engage in entrepreneurial activities in order to occupy their rightful position in life.

Cognizant of this fact, Rockies Organization besides developing talents in performing and creative arts,  has taken on the responsibility of giving skills to the young people as a way of creating a difference in the unending battle of economic prosperity. This entrepreneurship has in itself classes ranging from Shoe making, Tailoring, Making Artifacts to Soap making and Modern-Brick laying, among others.