Godfrey Muwulya

Development and Artistic Manager

Master East African Teacher and performing Artist, teaches and plays East African traditional instruments, Godfrey Muwulya began training as a dancer and musician in his native of Uganda in primary school. At the age of five years, he joined Ndere Troupe, Uganda's cultural ambassadors to the world as their star dancer and instrumentalist. He quite in Ndere truope in 2007 and started performing and traveling as a solo dancer, teacher and instrumentalist. In 2012, at the inception of Rockies Troupe Uganda, he was one of the consultants and inspirations behind and later in 2014 joined Rockies as a part time choreographer. In 2020, he became Development and Artistic Manager, Rockies Troupe Uganda. Godfrey has travelled to numerous countries including Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Macedonia and a lot of States in United States. He has performed at Dance African, at BAM and was featured in the New York Times for his standout performance. He has performed at the Radio City Music in New York with the NYU, performed in great performance venues in United States including National Arts club New York. Godfrey has worked with a lot of dance companies, schools and universities including New York university, University of Arkansas, Marymount college New York, All Martha’s Vineyard schools, AnaHATA dance company, peri dance studio, MJM dance company, The Yard in Martha’s Vineyard, Dance Educational laboratory ( DEL) 92Y, Steffi Nossen dance foundation, The Arts club New York City. He has worked with Barry Blumenfeld the President of New York State Dance Education Association (NYSDEA) and through him Godfrey's work videos aired on New York and New Jersey televisions.