Healthy Advocacy

Rockies Organisation makes tailored performances in the community to empower the citizens and help them make informed decisions in their life; We believe that a healthy community is more productive and it can raise healthy families, thus having healthy children and workers, which is a key strategy for overcoming poverty. The barriers we address include Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), poor living and working conditions, rather than individual or behavioral barriers. Political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, behavioral and biological factors can all favor health or be harmful to good health. We aim at making these conditions favorable through advocacy for health.

Our way of approach is the Human Centered Design or bottom -up approach. We identify the needs and goals with  the community members themselves, write scripts about these issues and act them out using our talents in Music, Dance and Drama, showing them causes and suggested solutions according to the research we make. Our role here is mostly empowerment and information dissemination to the community about the solutions to their challenges. Since it is a human centered approach, it involves everyone and they become protagonists in shaping society according to their shared interests. We also organise health workshops and seminars where we invite the communities to come and get information and sensitisation on health issues and thereafter refer them to our partners who provide the materials needed or medicine to help them react to their challenges.