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Every tribe in Uganda has Traditional Dances which act as a symbol, identity and custom of the people. The traditional dances are unique, interesting and meaningful and most of all portrays richness of our daily lifestyle. The dances have specific shouts or ululations, beating of drums, blowing whistles before and during performances. The songs sang are well-endowed with great art of poetry, proverbs and rhythm. Every dance is a reflection of supreme unity, dedication, passion and pride from the community. at ROTA, we give you a chance to experience all these.
Dances trained include; Adungu Dance from West Nile, EKizino from Kigezi region,  Kitaguriro from Ankole -western Uganda, Olunyege Ntogoro from Toro kingdom, Nankasa, Bakisimba -Muwogola, Amaggunju, and Mbaga dance all from Central Uganda (Buganda Kingdom), Nalufuka Tamenaibuga from Busoga Kingdom (Eastern Uganda), Imbalu/ Akadodi from Bugishu kingdom (Easter Uganda), Larakaraka and Bwola both from Acholi kingdom (Northern Uganda), the list is endless. We also teach dances from Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa.
Besides dancing we teach our students how to play instruments, both African and western. These include a tube fiddle which is the African violin, Adungu which is the African guitar, xylophones which is the African piano, a flute (omulere), Entongooli, Thumb piano, long drums, normal drums, modern Jazz, piano and saxophone which helps us to fuse our local instruments to produce quality music among other instruments.
We have music classes ranging from African music to classical music. We train voices, we give a chance for students to be creative in composing the music they sing, and guide them through as well as teach them the art of performing.
Acting is another area we train as an Academy, training our students to act in stage plays as well as connecting them to movie industries that help them act in such movies to open up their opportunities further as we create more platforms for them to showcase their talents. We build their potential in storytelling as well as grooming great poets.

Success requires more than just talent. From the time you join our academy until you graduate, we train you to leave our Academy a professional, ready to work in today’s competitive industry. To become the best, you need to train with the best. You will receive quality training from qualified successful artists and professionals. Each day will immerse you in a rigorous and demanding pursuit of excellence, giving you the knowledge and skill set, that will last you a lifetime.

The time is now, come and join ROTA.