Journey So Far

5 Years of Progress: Our project supports young people from all regions of the country, and we work to break down the barriers that prevent them from developing their talents which would help them be self-sustaining in life, and also create peace amongst the different tribes within the country and beyond, as we embrace cultural diversity. We are proud to say that in the last 5 years we have achieved the following and more.

Home Base:
Our journey nearly started on a street and we used to walk 7miles to go for training, I am glad to report that, we now rent a house which gives almost all members accommodation and at the same time doubles as our office and a training ground. The organization accommodates 32 members currently and 8 members come from their homes. The organization is able to take care of members’ welfare, including but not limited to healthcare, feeding, education, sanitary products for the girls, and clothing among others.

In addition to the skills of developing talents and entrepreneurship skills, Rockies Organization supports 32 members to attain formal education as well as providing for them all the scholastic materials that are needed. The youngest member of the family is in lower primary others are at secondary, institutions, vocational schools and university level. Nabbanja Maria Sharon, one of our family members completed a certificate in tailoring and textile and today designs and sews the Troupe’s costumes and props. Namulindwa Eseri who is our Finance and Admin is completing her Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Accounting this year, to mention but a few.

Instruments and Costumes:
We have been able to buy almost all local instruments for practice and shows. We no longer borrow instruments. These include: drums, long drums, shakers, jazz drums among others. We have also been able to buy costumes of up to 10 different dances.

Awards and Trips:
Rockies Troupe was nominated and awarded the Best Traditional Dance Troupe in Uganda 2016 -2017, by Ekkula -Pearl of Africa Tourism Awards. We have performed in international festivals including Mahashivratri Festival in India which was our maiden trip abroad, as a Troupe from 17th -27th of February 2017. Milege world music international festival, normally held in November at Entebbe Botanical Gardens, the Dragon Boat Festival Uganda, on the 28th May 2017, the first of its kind in East and Central Africa, organised by the Government of Uganda under the Ministry of tourism and the Chinese Embassy in Uganda under the Association of CAFAU (Chinese African Friendship Association Uganda), held at Uganda Wildlife Education Center Entebbe, Chibuku Sesetula festival organized by Nile Breweries limited, among others.

We have also made very many tailored performances and entertainment locally, with different organizations and entertained people on very many functions including, seminars and conferences, end of year parties, annual meetings, cocktails, corporate functions, and weddings among others.