Outreach and Enrichment program

We believe service is an effective way to learn about yourself and others; Engaging with the community through direct service, indirect service, advocacy and research allows our students to use their God given talents to address areas of community need while also gaining valuable knowledge and skills. The outreach program gives our students the opportunity to get involved in  community service on a regular basis by identifying the societal challenges and finding solutions to address them in the projects they choose to be worked upon with the guidance of facilitators.

Making a difference in people’s lives means active involvement in the larger community. we are committed to making a difference through our community based outreach programs. It is an amazing opportunity to impact those around us from offering exceptional early childhood talent developing to involving adults in life -long learning. We sensitise communities using Music Dance and Drama on issues concerning these communities and we get involved in creating the change we want to see. We support poor families in those little things we can but very meaningful in life, like building a latrine, a kitchen for the elderly among others.

We also enrich our members/students with additional skills like motivational speaking, Leadership skills among others, by taking them to different seminars and workshops or organising the same at our premises and we invite facilitators to take them through such lessons to gain more skills. We provide them with short courses, some of which we win from our partners to widen their knowledge base for competitiveness in the ever changing world.