Rockies Academy

Our dream is to build our own institution combining high quality performance arts training and formal education in the mold of the performing arts high schools seen in the United States and elsewhere. 

The core of Rockies mission is our commitment to education and our belief in the power of performing and creative arts. Through the training and operation of Rockies Troupe and our School Sponsorship Program we have been able to facilitate formal education through participation in the creative arts. In doing so we have also built our own capacity to train, teach, and educate our sponsored students to execute professional level performance for the Ugandan market.

We hope to expand and grow to be able to offer conservatory style approaches to learning dance, vocal, and instrumental music as well as build out programmatic offerings in art, fashion, music production, film, and drama. These would all take place as part of a curriculum still including traditional education subjects and suited to producing well educated Ugandan citizens.

Rockies Academy would be the first and only performing arts academy in this mold in East Africa. We believe this innovative model would enable our students to enter into the rapidly growing entertainment industry in Uganda and help push towards the professionalization of Uganda’s artists and ability to market themselves as performers and artists internationally.

We have already purchased 3 acres of land with a stunning view just outside of Kampala to create the beginnings of our campus and have drafted designs for the initial facilities. We are currently seeking out individual and institutional partners to help make our dream a reality and change the lives of not only our students but also the future of Uganda’s arts industry.