Rockies Talent Academy: (ROTA)

ROTA is a place that gives life skills to its students; We provide excellence in performing and creative arts education through a diverse curriculum that fosters creativity, builds self -esteem, develops love for the arts and prepares students for life. We teach them public speaking and helps them become poised, confident and not afraid to get up in front of people.

Everyone cannot be a sports star, at ROTA, we let young people discover their talents and shine. Our programs are an essential part in upbringing citizens in the community. There is an innate value in shared experiences and the growth and knowledge that comes from artistic group skills development, we provide a wide variety of equal opportunities to all members, regardless of backgrounds, ability or other challenges. Performing and creative art provides a unique avenue to imaginative and effective aspects of life and their contribution to our cultural heritage. We don’t detract participants from their opinions, but instead we facilitate, enhance, improve and augment their talents and lives of all that come to the Academy in a warm, friendly and encouraging environment.

A continued drive to self -examine, willingness to adapt to any situation and constant desire to learn new things; These are the hallmarks of a true performer. We enable our students to successfully adapt to the ever -changing demands of the entertainment industry, allowing them to explore a variety of performance areas. We want to create industry professionals who don’t just wait for life to happen -but instead stage their own career path. As they are watched by millions of people performing on world stages, this will change the way we think about art in the 21st  century.

Dances trained include; Adungu Dance from West Nile, EKizino from Kigezi region,  Kitaguriro from Ankole -western Uganda, Olunyege Ntogoro from Toro kingdom, Nankasa, Bakisimba -Muwogola, Amaggunju, and Mbaga dance all from Central Uganda (Buganda Kingdom), Nalufuka Tamenaibuga from Busoga Kingdom (Eastern Uganda), Imbalu/ Akadodi from Bugishu kingdom (Easter Uganda), Larakaraka and Bwola both from Acholi kingdom (Northern Uganda), the list is endless. We also teach dances from Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa.

Besides dancing we teach our students how to play instruments, both African and western. These include a tube fiddle which is the African violin, Adungu which is the African guitar, xylophones which is the African piano, a flute (omulere), Entongooli, Thumb piano, long drums, normal drums, modern Jazz, piano and saxophone which helps us to fuse our local instruments to produce quality music among other instruments.
Acting is another area we train as an Academy, training our students to act in stage plays as well as connecting them to movie industries that help them act in such movies to open up their opportunities further as we create more platforms for them to showcase their talents. We build their potential in storytelling as well as grooming great poets.