Rockies Troupe

Rockies Troupe is our Social Enterprise which incorporates all of the students in our Education Sponsorship Program.

Students participate in Rockies Troupe trainings learning dance, instrumental, and vocal performance enabling them to market their skills and monetize their talent when Troupe performs in the community on a for hire basis. Each performance brings in revenue to support our Education Sponsorship Program for the students. Beyond helping to enable education, student participation in Rockies Troupe gives them practical experiences in performance and opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurship. Sponsored Students are involved in running everything from Troupe trainings to increasingly being involved in the business side of the Troupe. We also run our own tailoring department which produces uniforms for Rockies Troupe and sells fashionable outfits to the public as another way of supporting our students.

The troupe learns dances from across Uganda including those such as Adungu Dance from West Nile, EKizino from Kigezi region,  Kitaguriro from Ankole -western Uganda, Olunyege Ntogoro from Toro kingdom, Nankasa, Bakisimba -Muwogola, Amaggunju, and Mbaga dance all from Central Uganda (Buganda Kingdom), Nalufuka Tamenaibuga from Busoga Kingdom (Eastern Uganda), Imbalu/ Akadodi from Bugishu kingdom (Easter Uganda), Larakaraka and Bwola both from Acholi kingdom (Northern Uganda). Our students also learn dances from Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa.

Besides dancing, students learn how to play musical instruments to accompany the performing dancers and provide live music. Currently, we teach tube fiddle (the African violin), Adungu (the African guitar), xylophone, omulere (a flute), Entongooli, Thumb piano, long drums, drumset, and piano!