Sponsor a Student

Supporting a Student in our Education Sponsorship Program at Rockies Organization will give you the opportunity to connect with and follow the progress of a child of your choice.

You can have first-hand experience of how your contribution is making a difference for any students you choose to assist realize her/his full potential in life. The support you give will help this student not to be chased out of class for school fees, but rather will concentrate in class, be smart with a school uniform, have lunch at school, scholastic materials and report on time for better learning. 

For any sponsorship of any student kindly email rockies@rockiesug.org, Eserie Namulindwa will reply you constantly, confirming receipt of your donation.  You can as well write an email to your sponsored student which will be delivered to her/him by our communications staff. The student will always respond to you with the guidance of volunteers and department leaders in her /his own hand writing.

An amount of $72 per month per student, will get them everything they need to be provided for and pay for their education for an entire year.