What Keeps us Going

Recalling that a big percentage of the Ugandan population are the youth, yet majority live in great poverty, rampant unemployment, domestic violence coupled with family negligence, diseases, increasing immorality and cultural erosion. Huge challenges posed by science and technology, inferiority complex, xenophobia, discrimination based on religion and political affiliations, failure to access quality education, and even those with access to education need additional skills to realize their full potential and secure meaningful employment.

Committing ourselves to use our talents and intellectual ability to provide a basis for national development in pursuance of our cherished aims and objectives to maintain our identity as young people.

Aware that such aspirations can only be realized through a collective struggle by an organized group of young people in a voluntary manner and that the organizations brings together young people who are less privileged, educated, graduates, school dropouts, people with disabilities and currently the unemployed in the country.

Recognizing that no one sector in our society today can alone provide resources or expertise to effectively address the myriad challenges facing today’s youth. The organization intends to empower talented young people and improve their prospects by nurturing their natural talents and develop their skills.

Convinced that maintaining and strengthening of this organization is a duty we hold dear for generations now and in the future, we had no choice but to commit ourselves to starting this organization in order to make our dreams come true and help the rest of the young people, realize their full potential in life.